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About Me

Bill Seet likes weaving unexpected narratives by merging familiar art imagery with a rich diet of mass media consumerism. Connecting and deconstructing imagery in this way offers a path to disrupting allegories, meanings, plots and storylines.

Exploring the multiverse of juxtaposition of shapes, lines, esthetics, color and context is his lifelong obsession. 

Bill Seet’s Artwork & Process:
I am a picture hoarder of both printed and digital images. My composition process normally starts with combining my iPhone camera pictures with my collection of found images along with quick drawings on my tablet. 

A blue print of the painting/drawing layout will usually emerge from this cut and paste activity… I have been in the graphic design industry composing in this way for over 20 yrs thus this activity is second nature to me. 

I work in both acrylics and oil on canvas. But when I need to get an idea out quick, I like to use charcoal, wax pencils, pastels and acrylics markers on paper. I have also started to experiment with combining silkscreen process imagery and print transfer techniques into my painting process.

I received my BFA, Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from San Francisco State University and had the amazing opportunity to study under both professor/working artist, Paul Pratchenko & Richard Mclean. 

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